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About me: My name is Michael and I’m from Longmont, Colorado. Since 2015 I’ve called Columbus, Ohio my home. Currently living with a wife and two roommates that don’t pay rent and demand I pet them while they eat.

I lived in the Kansai area for a few years and took home a love of Japanese baseball. I’m a fan of the Hanshin Tigers, though I have a soft spot for the Orix Buffaloes. My first game live was at Hotto Motto Field in the best city in Japan, Kobe. Orix conveniently decided to share the mascot of my Alma Mater as well.

I hope to make Japanese baseball a bit more accessible to a foreign audience. If nothing else, I hope this site teaches you a bit of Japanese or drives you to take on your own data projects. If you’re interested in asking any questions or just want to chat about baseball feel free to reach out or follow me on any of the below!