Season Level Reports – By Team Lookup

The Season Level Team Lookup report is found in the SEASON LEVEL – LOOKUP section of reports. This report is best to see data on an individual team and how they compare to the rest of the league. It is meant to show all information on a team all at once, without needing to load separate charts for different areas of the game.

Season Level reports can tell you statistics at the end of each regular season since 2005, and at the end of each playoff series since 2011.


Upon launch you will already see data load for the default selected team (Fukuoka Softbank Hawks in honor of their 2020 Japan Series victory).


Filters are options that allow you to customize the report to only show what you want. There are only two filterable options in this report – Team and Year.

NOTE: If you are viewing these reports on a mobile device such as an iPad, you will need to click twice to set a filter. Once to navigate “into” the filter options, and a second time to make any selections.


The team can be adjusted by simply clicking on the appropriate team logo.


For the Year filter, click on it to select the particular years you’re interested in.

The remaining options at the top are an INFO button which details data specific precautions or limitations, a LAST UPDATED visual showing the most recent data that has been added to the report, and a NIGHT MODE toggle.


The first set of charts (on batting, pitching and fielding) will show cumulative statistics on the selected team separated only by regular season or playoff series.

Following these three charts will be another set of three charts but split up by year. These charts will ONLY show stats on the regular season each year.

The final section of the report is a number of line charts comparing the currently selected team against the league average in that specific metric (e.g., the first line chart is for Batting Average). These line charts ignore any year selection made at the top as the data shown is broken up by year regardless. There is a filter defaulted to show just these stats against the regular season, though you can expand it to include the playoffs as well (or only show the playoffs or a particular series).

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