Individual Level Reports – Pitcher-Batter Head to Head

The Pitcher-Batter Head to Head report is found in the INDIVIDUAL LEVEL section of reports. This report is used for directly comparing pitchers and batters to each other, either individually or based on common characteristics.

Individual Level reports are the closest level of reporting available on this site. The largest option available at this level that is not available at other levels is the ability to only look at parts of a game rather than the game as a whole. This level allows us to directly compare batters to particular types of pitchers, and vice versa.

These reports can tell statistics at any point within the regular season or playoffs since 2016. Unfortunately play by play is not available from prior to this season. Note also that the play by play data available is not detailed enough to calculate all the same statistics as at the Game or Season levels, particularly in regards to pitchers (the most notable being that as of now I cannot determine Earned Runs for pitchers accurately, so it is not included). Luckily most batting stats can be calculated at this level as you would see at the GAME LEVEL.


What left-handed batter has the highest SLG against active pitchers?
What Pacific League batter performs best against Central League competition?


Upon launch you will see the below screen with a lot of information already displaying. There is by default no filtering taking place. You are seeing data on every play since 2016 with pitcher details on the left and batter details on the right. The report can be divided into two parts: Filters and Charts.


Filters are options that allow you to customize the report to only show what you want. The specific filters available in this report are all accessed by clicking the arrow dropdown.

NOTE: If you are viewing these reports on a mobile device such as an iPad, you will need to click twice to set a filter. Once to navigate “into” the filter options, and a second time to make any selections.

The main thing to keep in mind is that every filter here affects every other filter. This means, if you filter TEAM to only show the Hanshin Tigers and also filter DATE to 2020 only, you will not see the Japan Series as an option under the Game Type filter – as they did not make the playoffs that year. Also note that if nothing is selected that does not mean nothing will be shown, it means that everything will be shown.

If you want to reset all filter changes you’ve made back to default, just click the RESET button.

The remaining options are an INFO button which details data specific precautions or limitations, a LAST UPDATED visual showing the most recent data that has been added to the report, and a NIGHT MODE toggle.


This report includes charts at the top that cover the result of each play judged by what the grade of the pitcher was, what the grade of the batter was, and where the play was made on the field if the ball entered the field of play. Note that in most cases the pitcher and batter grades will be the same, but there are instances where a pitcher will be graded differently than the batter and so both instances are shown here.

Following these charts are two tables. On the left is the table and stats for the pitcher in instances where they were on the mound. On the right is the same for the batter when they were at the plate.


Many of the filters are self-explanatory, but I will detail how to use some of them and things to keep in mind.


The Pitcher and Batter filters are bilingual, upon expanding you can search for the player’s name using either their Japanese or English/Romaji name and then just selecting them in the list. Multiple batters or pitchers can be chosen.


A players’ status as either an active or as a retired/inactive player is determined based on whether they are playing during the season occurring now. If a player has joined a different league at the time you’re viewing the reports they will be considered an inactive player as they do not appear on the rosters of any NPB team.


Age should be self-explanatory but note that the age is determined again based on the current year, not the age they were in a particular season. I plan to add options for their age during a particular season at some point, but it is not live yet.


The Individual Level reports show data only from the 2016 season on, but they do not contain all data points that you can get at the Season and Game levels (notably I cannot determine pitcher ERA). Hopefully this can be somehow determined in the future but I cannot do so reliably at this time so the data is not included.

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