Game Level Reports – Game Results

The Game Results report is found in the GAME LEVEL section of reports. This report will show you individual game results. Use this report if you just want to see the games that took place today (or any other day). This report will also let you see a play by play of each game from the 2016 season on.

Game Level reports can tell you statistics at any point within the regular season or playoffs since 2005, but certain data points (such as OBP and SLG) are unavailable before the 2016 season. See the LIMITATIONS section for more information.


Upon launch you will see the first game of the 2020 season between the Hanshin Tigers and Yomiuri Giants.


Filters are options that allow you to customize the report to only show what you want.

NOTE: If you are viewing these reports on a mobile device such as an iPad, you will need to click twice to set a filter. Once to navigate “into” the filter options, and a second time to make any selections.

Year and Date

Individual matches are looked up by selecting the appropriate date from the date list. If you would like to see match results from prior years just change the year dropdown to the desired year and then select the specific date from that year.


A team can be selected by clicking on the arrow dropdown, which will expand to show a filter of all teams that played on that date (so if you are looking at a date where not all teams played you will not see all 12 teams as an option).

The remaining options at the top are an INFO button which details data specific precautions or limitations, a LAST UPDATED visual showing the most recent data that has been added to the report, and a NIGHT MODE toggle.


Immediately underneath the team dropdown arrow will be the box score of the game, as well as details on the matchup itself.

Beneath these are the batting and pitching stats for each team. The team you select from the arrow dropdown will always appear on the left-hand side of the screen, with their opponent on the right.


From the 2016 season on you can view a complete play by play of the game by clicking on the Play by Play button.


The Game Level reports show data from the 2005 season on, but they do not contain all data points that you can get at the season level, especially before the 2016 season. If you are including data from before the 2016 season then the charts showing affected data points will be BLANK. In the screenshot below we are showing batting stats since 2015. Plate Appearances (PA), among others, are not available prior to the 2016 season at an individual game level, and so the relevant rows (and the total PA) are BLANK.

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