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I’ve added a new feature to all of the ‘Main’ reports on the site. The Main reports are for doing anything that isn’t about just one player or team. In other words, whenever you’re dealing with multiple players or multiple teams.

Before, if you wanted to view stats and compare multiple players you’d need to look them all up individually using the checklist and selecting each one. Tedious depending on how many you’re trying to select:

A new Batch Entry option has been introduced in the desktop version of all ‘Main’ reports. It appears immediately underneath the normal player checkboxes.

Players must be separated by either commas or by writing one per line. This means then that you need to write the player name without a comma separating last from first. If you wanted to lookup “Akihiro, Yuto” as you can see in the above screenshot, you should enter their name as “Akihiro Yuto” instead – without the comma. The full process is:

  1. In the batch entry section, enter each name line by line or separated by comma. The name should match as it would appear in the above checkbox section, but without any commas and without the years listed.

  2. Once you’ve entered all the names click the filter button that appears at the bottom-right of the visual.

  3. If you’ve entered the names correctly they should appear in the above checkbox list.

  4. If a name is missing then you have entered it incorrectly. Undo the batch entry filter and lookup the correct spelling of the name as it appears in the checklist and try again.

As soon as you’ve clicked the filter button there is no need to actually check the boxes next to each player – the report is already filtering to just those individuals.

And that’s all there is to it! You can use this feature to quickly lookup a list of players you’re interested in. Useful if you do any kind of fantasy or are interested in particular players and spend a lot of time selecting them each time you visit.

Let me know how it works and if you have any issues using it or other ideas that would help out!

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