Off-Season Plans – Update


Just an update on the status of some of the requests I’ve received and features I’ve been busy implementing:

  • Ability to select players by or filter by the true position of the player. E.g., “show me all first basemen” or “show me all games for Jerry Sands where he played left field.” Will implement this in every report possible. This will include the ability to differentiate outfielders by LF/CF/RF rather than the NPB chosen combined “OF” position – which has been requested by a number of people.
    • This has been IMPLEMENTED. Due to how NPB provides data if you view player stats in any of the Season Level reports the stats will still show for just a combined OF category. To view individual fielding stats for LF/CF/RF you need to use any of the Game Level reports.

      Compare the fielding stats by position for Araki Takahiro below from the Season Level reports…

      To the same from the Game Level reports…

      Why the line for RFLF? This happens when a player plays two or more outfield positions in the same game. Unfortunately, NPB only presents stats by OF, so I determine the true outfield position based on where they actually appeared in that particular game on that particular date. If Araki appeared at 1B and later was moved into RF in the same game – the stats would correctly be broken up. If, however, Araki was moved between RF and LF in the same game, it is impossible based on what NPB provides to determine where a particular PO or A occurred. To be precise I have chosen to leave these instances as their own category, hence the combined RFLF. The majority of the time stats are broken out into their individual positions as one would expect.
    • You can, however, locate a particular player at any report level (Season, Game or Plate Appearance levels) by their true position played:
    • Last, in the “Main” reports at the Season, Game and Plate Appearance levels, you will always see the players most common position in-line with their batting stats, and hovering over the individual will show their top three positions.

  • Restructure the behind the scenes of the ‘Game Results’ report to load quicker. If you’ve used the report you’ll notice there is a lag when toggling between showing batting/pitching/fielding stats, whereas the actual play by play of the game loads almost instantly. This should be a relatively easy fix to implement.
    • This has been IMPLEMENTED (in addition to a lot of other use improvements). The report should load much quicker on either desktop or mobile.

  • Publish new replacement report for Stats Summed by Plate Appearance that is much easier to understand and has a dedicated mobile version as well.
    • I just recently replaced both of the prior Plate Appearance level reports with one combined version. It allows you to search for multiple players or types of players as well as specific in-game situations (e.g., all “chance” plays where a runner is on either second or third). The report should hopefully be much clearer and user friendly for everyone. Desktop and mobile versions have both been implemented.
    • Still planning to create a single player and single team lookup version similar to what we have at the Season and Game levels. Aiming to have these ready before season’s start as well.

    • Batter of the day report – will show a new batter every day of the year
    • Pitcher of the day report – same as above
      • Rather than introduce two new reports just to show one batter or pitcher I have instead implemented some randomization into the current player and team lookup reports at all levels.
        Now, once a day these reports will choose a new “Player of the Day” (for player lookup reports) or Random Team (for team lookup reports).
        The randomization for players is currently weighted to look only at active players, and there is a higher chance that a player makes an appearance based on either the number of plate appearances they have had, or the number of innings they have played.

    • Possible – report on likely Sawamura Award contenders that update daily to only include eligible pitchers. Would have color coding to indicate how the eligible pitchers compare to each other.
      • I’m thinking this one through. I’m trying to avoid creating one-use style reports as much as possible. All of the stats that are looked at in determining Sawamura Award winners (other than the “how much does this guy look like Eiji Sawamura” eye test) are possible to see already. I may look into adding a table to the existing reports that automatically filters out obviously ineligible pitchers or instead introduce a true/false filter for candidacy. Open to suggestions as always!

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