Off-season plans


Below is a list of things I’m targeting to implement as soon as the Japan Series ends and before next season kicks off (many of these are already in progress):

  • Ability to select players by or filter by the true position of the player. E.g., “show me all first basemen” or “show me all games for Jerry Sands where he played left field.” Will implement this in every report possible. This will include the ability to differentiate outfielders by LF/CF/RF rather than the NPB chosen combined “OF” position – which has been requested by a number of people.
  • Restructure the behind the scenes of the ‘Game Results’ report to load quicker. If you’ve used the report you’ll notice there is a lag when toggling between showing batting/pitching/fielding stats, whereas the actual play by play of the game loads almost instantly. This should be a relatively easy fix to implement.
  • Publish new replacement report for Stats Summed by Plate Appearance that is much easier to understand and has a dedicated mobile version as well.
    • Batter of the day report – will show a new batter every day of the year
    • Pitcher of the day report – same as above
    • Possible – report on likely Sawamura Award contenders that update daily to only include eligible pitchers. Would have color coding to indicate how the eligible pitchers compare to each other.

Hope to get these all in place by next year. If you have any new ideas or suggestions for improvements feel free to get in touch with me via the below, on Twitter, or through the Contact page!

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